BGXL01 - Road Edition is designed for musician that needs a beautiful studio case or road case for gigs when needing a case to use as a versatile and elegant stage rack.


Offering the best in practicality and security for your precious Bass Guitars, Electric Guitars and accessories.

BGXL01 Road Edition comes with these key features:


• 4 X TSA Keyless Password Locks (2 non password locks in centre)

• Cable Tidy Pouch

• Dehumidifier Pouch with a set of Dehumidification Modules

• Foam Inserts for Variable Length Guitar Necks

  • Special Shipping Information For Rest of World*

    For certain regions outside of USA / UK/ JAPAN / HONG KONG / CHINA / TAIWAN / We must quote shipping on a case by case basis due to current fluctuations in shipping costs. Please contact us via email to arrange your unique quotation to your location

  • Warranty Details

    We offer 1 year warranty for defective craftsmanship of the product or its components.

    General wear and tear or physical damage from general use, and on this model heavy wheel drops due to the nature of the product can not be covered by our limited warranty, however we will endeavour to look after any customer unhappy with any issue that arises during the usage of our product on a case by case basis.

    We keep spares of many of the parts of our cases that are relatively easy to replace however some core elements of our products cannot be repaired or replaced with parts alone and may need deeper DIY skills to repair. We endeavour to help all customers to keep their cases in working condition whenver possible.

  • Technical Specifications

    External Dimensions

    134 X 39 X 48cm

    Maximum Guitar Dimensions (Bass and Electric)

    Height 124cm X Thickness 5.5cm X Width 37cm


    Net Weight



    Carton Dimensions

    136.2 X 43.7 X 49.5cm

    Gross Weight


  • 稅收項目

    目的地除澳門,香港和中國外,產品均未按您所在地區計算關稅,因此我們將會根據您所在國家/地區的特定進口法收取關稅費用。許多目的地國家(例如美國)並不需要收取任何費用,因其最低免稅額為800美元,亦有其他地區會因應情況對個人銷售不收取任何費用。鑒於每個地區的稅收政策不一,欲了解更多資訊,請聯絡您當地的海關,並引用HS Code for Luggage HS 42021299 or HS Code for Musical Cases 42029215查詢稅收情況,我們會通過兩種方式運送,以最低的價格為您送上產品。